• Attended a meeting with my party colleagues to discuss the issues arising from the increase in commercial rates in the budget
  • A full council meeting to debate and pass the Clare County Council budget for 2022. The rates increase was a very divisive topic, and debate was ‘robust’ to say the least…however in my view, the correct decision was taken to pass the budget, albeit very reluctantly by many of us, and following a vote, (16 for – 10 against) to increase commercial rates by 3.8%. The cuts to services, especially housing, and the negative impact it would have had on our ambitions to create more vibrant places to live and visit was the critical factor for me. I agree wholeheartedly with the assertion that it was not the right time, but rates hadn’t been increased in Clare for 13 years, and in my view the timing argument was never not going to be made…costs of goods and services have increased for businesses, but they have also increased for the council too. over the 13 years that rates have remained static, inflation of 9% has taken a significant chunk out of the real spending power by the council.
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